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Accidents caused by product defects

Have you or a member of your family been injured by a faulty or defective product? Did you use a product that was dangerous and caused injuries?

If you said “yes” to either of the above please call us.

Our no win no fee faulty product claims service is 100% free to you - win or lose. You will receive 100% of the compensation that is recovered from your claim.

At Resolution Law we have specialist accident lawyers that handle no win no fee faulty and defective product compensation claims on a regular basis.

We do understand that being injured by a product is unpleasant. We know that the injuries caused, whether they are minor or serious often result in pain, stress and worry. The last thing that you need is a costly legal battle to get compensated for your injuries, the suffering and lost earnings.

At Resolution Law our aim is to provide you with the very best results for your particular circumstances and your wishes. Our personal injury law firm has successfully handled tens of thousands of compensation claims for people throughout the UK for more than 30 years.

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