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Claims for children

Accidents involving children are wide ranging from being passengers in an RTA, accidents in public and medical negligence including trauma suffered at birth.

As you would expect, there are specific rules that protect children and how their claims are managed.

For example, they must be represented by a “Litigation Friend”. That person is usually a parent or the child’s guardian.

Once compensation is awarded to a child, the monies will be invested in a Court Funds Office and will be released to the child – together with interest – once they turn 18.

For additional peace of mind, a Judge must approve the settlement as an appropriate one before the monies are agreed and invested. So we will ensure that full damages are recovered.

As with our other claims, 100% of the compensation received will be kept and invested. We make no deduction to the damages awarded as our costs are met by the fault parties insurers.

The Limitation for commencing children’s claims does differ somewhat – but usually court proceedings have to be commenced within three years of the child turning 18 i.e. the eve of their 21st birthday. However, we would advise that you always seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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If your claim is successful, then the fault party will pay your legal costs. Unlike most other firms however, we ensure that you receive 100% of your compensation and we make no deductions from your damages.