Accident’s in public places and in premises


If you have had an accident in a public place or premises that was not your fault, such as a trip or fall, accident on a pavement, in a shop or a in supermarket, you can claim compensation on a no win no fee basis through our personal injury lawyers.

Most lawyers will seek to take a deduction of up to 25% from your compensation by way of a Success Fee. Resolution Law will not. Instead, we will assess each case individually to see if a 0% success fee is possible. If it is not, we will cap any success fee deduction at 15%.

For over 30 years our personal injury law firm has successfully handled public liability claims for people throughout the UK.

Tell us about your accident so we can start to gather evidence that supports your claim. We can then provide you with free initial legal advice about the accident; it’s part of the personal and friendly service that we offer.

We do understand that having an accident is both upsetting and stressful. Our aim is to get your compensation claim settled as soon as possible, and to ensure that you get the medical care and / or the rehabilitation support that you need.

If you are uncertain about claiming or if you’d like to ask a lawyer a question about your accident, please call us free of charge on 0151 243 0600

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