Road traffic accidents


Have you had a car crash or a road traffic accident that was not your fault? Did you suffer injuries? Do you want to claim compensation for the car accident on a no win no fee basis?

If you said “yes” to any of the above please call the car accident solicitors at Resolution Law

Most lawyers will seek to take a deduction of up to 25% from your compensation by way of a Success Fee. Resolution Law will not. Instead, we will assess each case individually to see if a 0% success fee is possible. If it is not, we will cap any success fee deduction at 15%.

Resolution Law have specialist car and road traffic accident (RTA) lawyers that handle no win no fee car accident compensation claims on a daily basis.

We can assist you if your accident involved:

  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Cycles
  • You were a passenger
  • Untraced or uninsured third parties
  • Foreign third parties

Don’t worry is the other driver is not insured or is untraceable. You can still claim compensation via the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) and we will take you through that process.

For more than 30 years our personal injury law firm has successfully handled tens of thousands of road traffic accident and injury claims for motorists.

If you would like a specialist car accident solicitor to assess your claim at no cost to you please contact us today, we’ll be happy to help you. Our lawyers can provide you with free initial expert legal advice. It’s part of the professional and friendly service that we provide.

We do understand that being in a car accident is shocking, stressful and worrying. The last thing that you need now is a costly legal battle in order to get your car repaired and to be compensated.

Our car accident solicitors work with medical specialists, carers and rehabilitation experts who can support you.

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